Eyelashes extensions

Eyelashes extensions are the ultimate option, they give you both: immediate and long term result.


- They are comfortable, natural looking !

- You can have long, thick, beautiful eyelashes 24 h a day without worrying about mascara.

- Extensions can last indefinitely with 1 hour re-lash session every 3-4 weeks (you shed 25 % of your lashes in 3-4 weeks)

- Your eyes can look like the eyes of the models in the add.



Lay back, relax, get ready to be pampered. Once you relaxed and lashes are cleansed, the appointment begains. Your natural lashes are individually separated one by one and a single extension is applied to your natural lashes. You will not feel a thing during the process. A full set appointment takes approximately 2 to 2.5 hours. After your lashes are completed you will emerge with full set of wonderful lashes. To maintain the full appearance of your extensions in 1 hour appointment is necessary about once every 3 to 5 weeks depending on care .


To maintain the full appearance of your new lash extension:

1) do not wash eyes, wet lashes or shower 24 hours after extension application;
2) do not swim , tan or spray tan for 48 hours after application to allow for complete bonding;
3) be gentle with your lashes, do not rub your eyes or pull on lashes .The natural oil from your hands will break down the adhesive bond.
4) use oil free cleansers to remove make up from your eyes, do not use waterproof mascara.



 -     synthetic mink lashes (traditional lashes) 35-45 lashes per eye

 -     silk lashes (35 -45 lashes per eye )

 -     100% real mink (authentic fur) 35-45 lashes per eye

Refill session:

-       synthetic mink lashes (every 3 -4 weeks)

-       silk lashes (every 3-4 weeks)

-       100% real mink (every 3-4 weeks) 




At salon we only use the finest application products (lavish, lashes, nova, out lash).